In the bustling city life, people often miss the experience of living in the village or kampung. Walking to the coffee shop for a meal, buying things from the market, and playing in the garden are activities that people can easily do in the village as they are located nearby. D’Orange Park is a result of reinterpretation of a village into a modern form and has taken to re-branding the homes as “co-living” spaces. The challenge of the project is the desire in forming a new and distinctive architecture programs that TWS & Partners try to infuse in an apartment project. D’Orange Park presents the opportunities for the residents to shape their bonds, interact and collaborate. Therefore, this environment is intended to promote diversity and create dynamic community.

The idea of co-living: “Play-Work-Live-Public” has been applied at D’Orange Park, where the residents can work, play, and live at the same place. This new trend of living is going mainstream among people as they continue to grow with this lifestyle and working environment. TWS & Partners envisioned it as an ecosystem of working spaces, residences, food park, live kitchen that served the new concept of community living. The use of orange color in the building represents an energetic, bright, and uplifting color. This color is being associated with the color of autumn season, to create a feeling of warmth.

Unlike other typical apartments, D’Orange Park attempts to bring all the human activities at the communal park located at the third floor of the building. At the communal park, co-working spaces, laundry, gym, swimming pool, live kitchen, and communal stair are all gathered. The bike lane, that surrounds the site and runs from street level to communal park level, promotes health benefits and provides fun activity for the residents.

TWS & Partners explored the possibility of this new “co-living” concept by combining several new programs such as co-working spaces, live kitchen, bike lane, and etc into one place. This trend of co-living and co-working will be a major breakthrough for future residential development.