Hanging Villa

Located at a mountainous area in Bandung, the site takes benefit from the beautiful surrounding of deep valley. It also has an added advantage because of its proximity to the forest conservatory, which provides tranquil quality of the mountain site.

Entering the building from street level, guest are led to entrance level or second floor, where they can enjoy the surrounding view through an open timber pathway, side by side with water garden as a welcoming element. Then visitors will pass through the shaded circulation to living room and dining room. Living and dining room offer open view to water garden and timber deck that leads a gazebo and Jacuzzi. The shifted orientation at the upper level provides shading to the open wooden deck terrace underneath it. The materials used in this building consist of natural concrete wall and slab, recycled wooden rib, and green tinted glass.

The idea of the building mass is originally taken from stacking boxes which are rotated through their corner axis, in order to create different walking experience from different angle of view. This strategy also allows the users to have different orientation in different room and have almost 270 degree view to surrounding valley. Timber shading horizontal and vertical circulation wrapped ‘behind’ the box, provides a second skin to building’s rear facade which gives privacy from front side of the building.