N House

Located in a typical urban housing complex, which predominantly consists of semidetached housing, this project elaborates the indoor and outdoor relationship. The parcel is located at the end corner of the block and adjacent to the public park, which is seen as a directing point to the space planning concept. The tropical climate is taken as a main consideration to drive the architectural geometry concept, along with the material chosen.

Going through the house is an experience right from the very first entrance through the fence and end to the guest living room. Rather than the conventional space layout, semi-private family room is positioned at the front corner, elevated 3 meters above the street level. By doing so, the family gets the maximum view of the public park. Consequently, there is a pedestrian ramp all the way from the main entrance through the over flow swimming pool to the guest living room at the back part of the land, thus create the walking experience to the visitor.

The building envelopes itself using the floor to ceiling glass skin, in order to maximize surrounding view. The sliding folding glass door system makes the family room as flexible as ‘tropical’ terrace, adjacent to the infinity swimming pool. Using the 3,5 meter span of metal louver canopy, the master bedroom on the second floor was covered from the afternoon sunlight, without sacrificing the generous view to the adjacent public park from inside.

Inside the modern tropical architecture style of the building, TWS & Partners tries to put a traditional interior element, like semi-transparent wall partition in the family room, to soften the atmosphere. A piece of natural wood used as a dining table gives a warm feeling to this area as the main heart of this residence. In the master bathroom, gallery concept is elaborated, with the rectilinear space arrangement, which maximize the natural daylight through the gap between the room with the perimeter wall. The color and material palette are the earthy, creamy color contrasting with dark, aged and rustic wood appearance.