Hotel & Leisure
Park Royal Langkawi

Seated on a site where it has direct exposure to the sea, Park Royal Langkawi is a complex of retail and hotel resort. The concept is derived from two things. First, Eagle, which is a symbol of Langkawi Island. The dynamic form of an eagle’s wings is taken to be the master plan of the hotel and retail building. The second, as it has a direct exposure to the sea thus sea elements are incorporated into the design. As guests enter the Ground Floor, they are exposed to the public outdoor activities. Greeneries and vegetations become a major element on this level to enhance coziness and comfort. As the surrounding area of the site are used for shopping center, the green area on the ground floor is expected to contribute in bringing greens into the complex. Additionally, there is a vertical garden at the Back Of House area. To enhance the natural elements, TWS & Partners add a lot of water element to cool down the outdoor activities area. This dedicated area is called Central Lagoon. A wide central courtyard is made to enhance natural lighting as much as possible in every part of the building. And the courtyard also functions as a window for hotel central activities. From the main road. visitors can go to the beach along a pedestrian, going through the retail and F&B area.

The materials used are local and reused. The structure uses conventional concrete structure, and The facade uses a lot of wood and stone which is locally available in Langkawi Island and surrounding areas. To maximize the sea view, a lot of glass materials are used in the construction. The design massing concept is arranged by combining different shapes and forms together to create a composition. Third & fourth floors are made as U-shape to maximize the sea view. Fifth to seventh floor are in linear shape. The smooth form of retail area is made according to the impression of a sea-shore line, directing people from main street to the beach area, while the eagle-shaped retails are also aiming to pamper visitors with the breathtaking view of the sea.