Savron Residence

Located in the heart of Jakarta, Savron Residence is a part of a 100 hectares master plan, that comprise of residential and mixed-use area.

The design lot was adjacent to the commercial district area, and programmed to become high end, low-rise and mid-rise and high-rise residential.

At the entrance of the complex, is twenty-story Sky Park Residence, which acts as a visual gate from adjacent commercial district. The Club that serves as a main arrival hall, sport and leisure facility, also serves as service distribution to the whole Savron complex. To serve the function, The Club is located at the center of the complex. The villa compound is located along the curvilinear circulation and park corridor facing towards the Club. At the south-end of the site, another ten to twenty-story residence as a compound of sky-villages.

The master plan design wishes to embrace typical traditional arrangement, which allows the public pathway in front of the house to become public theater. Based on this basic concept, TWS & Partners designed a multi-layer ground access to the villa, which means that there are two separate level access. Access for automobiles is positioned on street level, enhanced by the atrium dry garden, and on the same level there are foyer and guest room. Entrance to pedestrian is on a second level, which layout becomes semipublic activities, comprised of living, family and dining room. These room has the view to public or pedestrian park in front of each unit. Family room as the heart of the villa, has maximum access to natural lighting and air. Bedrooms are located on the second and third floor, facing the park.

The Club also has multi-entry points, from street level and park level. From these double height atriums, they become the starting point to the different activities that are divided into both levels, street and park. The third floor is used as a multi-function glass room, which has undulating glass roof, which form is taken from natural mountainous landscape.

The Sky Park Residence is the high-rise residential, and located in the mouth of Savron complex, and considered to act as a visual gateway from adjacent commercial district. The skyline is considered to have a dialogue with the commercial block in front of the complex, and also to meet a certain marketing requirement that makes the project viable from financial aspect.