Setia Eco Park
Kuala Lumpur

Setia Eco Park is located amidst a coconut palm plantation, in Syah Alam district, 15 minute-ride from Kuala Lumpur. The site where the building is located, is part of the master plan of a satellite city, which contains residential, and other supporting facilities. Bringing Green Environment concept that enhance tropical style, yet unique, modern and sustainable, Setia Eco Park is dedicated to middle to upper class segment.

The layout was arranged that indoor space was shaped in pure geometrical box, which is arranged juxtaposes and interconnects one to another, with a gap in between. This allows natural airflow and direct sunlight to come in as much as possible. Vertically, the arrangement was created in such way that they juxtapose perpendicular one to another to create the spaces in between for roof gardens. TWS & Partners create the roof gardens to catch rainwater to replace the ground that is covered by the buildin. This also give added values to the rooms at upper level as a direct outdoor green space for them. The choice of texture and colors of this building refer to the richness and diversity of Asian Architecture. The top part of the building uses wide canopy, which plays a double function, as a base for solar panel, as well as its function as a canopy.