Studio Two in 1

Studio 2 in 1 accommodates the function of a home and a studio within one place. Located in an urban setting of Jakarta, it is seated in a small area of only 200 square meter. The project aims to elaborate the tropical, shaded, natural illuminated, and cross ventilation, breathing space regardless all the limitation of space.

The spaces in the house is created by two floating boxes of massing. The space in between the two boxes is used as functional area of the house. At the ground floor, the spaces below the floating boxes are used as open-space living and dining rooms, which is surrounded by a reflecting pool. The reflecting pool helps to create an imaginary visual reflection of the spaces above and also cools down the temperature inside the house.

The space in between the two boxes filter light to the lower spaces and also provide for the vertical circulation of the home. The staircase is designed with a pocket of opening to allow penetration of natural sunlight and also acts as the shading. Inside the boxes are the private areas of the house, which are the office studio, family room, and bedroom. Each room in the boxes has its individual windows to allow exchange of natural ventilation and sunlight into the rooms, which is very rare to find in a typical house with such small site area. With a creative play of mass and space, Studio 2 in 1 has successfully elaborated the idea of tropical space and embraced them into the modern style of living.