The Bubble

Located in Kudus, Indonesia, The Bubble is an interior project that brings a fresh change to working environment. The main purpose is to improve the life and working quality of the office workers, based on the research of design + performance, how to improve working quality by improving working environment. The theme is taken from water bubbles. Like how air travels underwater, The Bubble brings nature inside office space, so that workers who work inside feel closer to nature.

Based on the two basic needs of human, which is interaction with other human and nature, The Bubble offers an open plan office concept to encourage communication between workers. The workstation is designed with the ability to create a private one-on-one communication as well as group communication by providing moveable sheers. In the open plan space, there is a mingling area called the forum. The forum is expected to encourage workers to gain more knowledge as 80% of innovative work is developed through personal communication and 5 times more knowledge is generated during conversation. Thus, pantry area suits as the forum space as this is where most workers have a rest.

The whole layout planning applies a free-flowing form where it creates a seamless boundary between indoor and outdoor, to offer the workers a feeling closer to nature, and provide a panoramic view out of the outdoors. The indoor and outdoor planting concept for the office is divided into 3 planting systems. The first is pergola system, where planter box is placed on the floor and plant grows up to the pergola. The second is vertical planting system which is applied to the column, creating “Green Column”. The last system is Vegetation Bulb system, which potted plants are placed in hanging glass aquariums, lit by light bulbs, and rotated outside once bi-weekly.

The outdoor space has a sloping deck to implement watering system pipe and create a special recreation space for the workers to have a rest or even a group meeting. The implementation of neutral colours such as grey and white is complemented by wood colour. This colour scheme chosen is the tool that tied the nature and man-made environment together. This green office concept is believed to improve the working performance and is set to be an example for other offices.