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The Jaksa

The Jaksa Jakarta is a budget hotel located on Jalan Jaksa, right in the heart of Jakarta. This area is renowned for tourists, where they are often seen sightseeing or just simply walking around. Situated right on a tourist spot, The Jaksa aims to introduce Jakarta’s culture and to encourage people to love the culture, and this is to be shown in the architectural aspects. As the cultural icon of Jakarta, Ondel-Ondel (Betawi folk performance that uses large puppets) is chosen to be the inspiration of the design.

Located in the city center which has a very limited space, pedestrians are still pampered with a very spacious walkway area at the hotel front. The hotel mass is elevated, including the Lobby & Entrance Foyer. This allows a better space transition from the pedestrian to the drop-off area at the Lobby. Ground Level presents an art gallery, that serves as a showcase of Indonesian Art & Culture for tourists and visitors who pass Jalan Jaksa.

The building is divided vertically into three parts. First, the head of Ondel-Ondel is represented in the roof crown of the building, which style mimics the bamboo ornament of Ondel-Ondel crown. The body of Ondel-Ondel is represented in the gest room accommodation. The facade is dressed with simple yet innovative optical illusion that represents the traditional printed clothing worn by the giant puppet. As guests enter the entrance, they are greeted at the Lobby Drop Off area that is decorated with bamboo slit drums, known as “Kentongan”. The series of Kentongan is arranged to form a pattern that represents the skirt of Ondel-Ondel, while when they move and bump to each other as the wind blows, they make a beautiful bamboo sound welcoming the visitors at the Lobby.