Hotel & Leisure
The Nest

Located on the Tanjung Benoa bay of Bali, The Nest is offering a concept where leisure does not always begin with luxury, but endurance to breathe with the surrounding. It is built in two blocks of ‘breatheable’ facade – composite rattan, in open pores pattern with a combination of re-used material of rustic wood to implement environmentally friendly construction. The Nest is concepted to be an escape, a sanctuary, a nest to rest, and the building itself to sustain. The facade is an arrangement of composite rattan pattern, which becomes the skin of the balconies of the rooms. The site has narrow perimeter, 26 meters in width and 100 meters in length. Although it is very limited, TWS & Partners cleverly turns the disadvantage to work on something more unique – a round shelter-shaped balcony.

The Nest is home of 117 room keys in total, 108 standard rooms and 9 suite rooms. Each room module is five by six meter, with the six-meter width facing each other to the inner court. The inner court has a view of waterscape, to reflect natural light and keeping the quality of ambiance, lighting and temperature on all floor levels. The balcony all faces to the mangrove forest at the back of the site. The rooftop is home to public functions such as outdoor cafe, lounge, spa & gym, as it has the benefits of a free open space and best view. On top of it, the rooftop also hosts a garden area. This is effectively able to preserve 36.5% sustainability of the land to grow plants, producing oxygen, helps to maintain quality of fresh air and temperature.