TWS Office

Gallery Studio is the office studio for TWS & Partners located in West Jakarta. It is a renovation project of a shophouse into a cozy and modern looking working studio. The challenge for the project is the limitation of material, budget and also time.

The facade represents a “metaphor” of the architect’s design process which shows collage and the use of multiple and collaborative lines forming a plane and also volume. It is rejuvenated with wire mesh cladding. Wire mesh is chosen as the main facade material because it is a very common “leftover” material which means it is cost efficient and also can be easily found. Wire mesh also has benefits of easily form together and lightweight. The cladding is made of 6 layers of wire mesh with different dimension and thickness which create a sublime volume. In the daylight, the wire mesh cladding will seem like a cloud, while at night time the cladding will be lit up creating a “lighting volume”.

The ground floor of the office consists of a lobby, meeting room, principle architect’s room, and service area. All these rooms are located on the ground floor to provide an easy access for guests and clients. Different use of materials in the corridor, such as corrugated polycarbonate, mirror on the wall, and vinyl flooring create a warm and inviting interior space. The upper floor is an open working space for staffs and also printing area. The idea is to improve working conditions and create cohesive spaces that yield efficiency and productive work flow.