Community & Commercial

Built on a 29,172 sqm land, seated at 570 m above sea level on a challenging contour of hills and valleys, and surrounded by lush natural greeneries, Wikasantrian is a Leadership Training Centre located in Bogor, West Java. The building consists of 3 different functions: Lobby, Dormitory, and Villa. The concept of the Wikasantrian is inspired by the life phase of an insect, the Pupa. The Pupa is one of the metamorphosis stages in a bug’s life which depicts the biological process of physical change from embryo to adult bug. This represents the process of a person who undertakes a transformation process to be a leader while in Wikasantrian.

The Lobby welcomes and gathers people from various backgrounds, who are to be shaped as leaders, is depicted as a cocoon of a silkworm. It has a soft yet rigid texture with a translucent yet porous surface, creating interesting visual through the materials used. The layout of the lobby is inspired by the simple shape of a cocoon: a slim, doughnut shape, slightly twisted at the end that results in 2 openings: front & rear.

The Dormitory & Villa as the accommodation of the training center, are illustrated as Beehives. This is where socialization and interactions between trainees are encouraged to build leadership skills. The form of the dormitory is hexagonal, taken from the concept of beehives. The whole mass is elevated from the ground to avoid mass footprints on the ground. They are split into smaller modules that are adjusted to the contour height of the land. To achieve the lightweight quality, prefabricated panels are used. As the beehives are created of single mass entities, they are connected one to another by gable roof which represents the characteristics of local buildings in West Java. The different levels create a distinct feature of the landscape.