Hotel & Leisure
Akmani Legian

Located in the middle of the hustle & bustle of Bali, Akmani Legian simply stands as an “Iconic Passage” for Kuta, that links Legian Street to Benesari Street that lays perpendicular to the main street. Standing on 3,165 sqm land, Akmani Legian presents a surprise for its guests as it only has small 5-meter openings from both Legian and Benesari Street. But as they enter the building, they are greeted by a spacious interior & exterior courtyard. The facade invites people vigorously to come inside, to enjoy Akmani’s exciting programs as well as letting passersby experience the “Iconic Passage”, which connect the public circulation from main Legian Street to the back, Benesari Street, through the rooftop of the building.

Proposing the idea of “Passage” to client, TWS & Partners created spaces that are light & airy, filled with natural sunlight & fresh air in the limited site area. Wanting to use as much local materials as possible, slabs & walls are exposed, some parts are simply left opened, and some covered by glass windows. To create enclosure at private areas such as bathrooms, greeneries and vertical arrangement of hung bamboos are added. Bamboos are used to mimic traditional Balinese bamboo instrument, Rindik, which creates a nice local atmosphere from its sound. Kerawang bricks are used for a lot of purposes. The original form allows the sunlight and air to flow through. Along the hotel corridor, the use of Kerawang bricks allows natural fresh air to flow in, thus preserving the energy by the use of natural air instead of air conditioner.