Community & Commercial
The Ubud

The Ubud is a small scale project of a mixed-use building located in the heart of Jakarta. Its main purpose is to house the famous Bebek Bengil Restaurant from Ubud, Bali. Originally, Bebek Bengil Restaurant sits on exotic rice field. To bring this memorable dining experience into The Ubud project in Jakarta, TWS & Partners creates a 5-storey building on a limited triangular site that visualizes Balinese identity. Clients are received in the first mass of the building.

As clients enter The Ubud, they will be received in the first mass of the building which skin mimics Balinese red brick arrangement with in and out custom-made glass wall. This is followed by a courtyard that divides the first & the second mass of the builings. The courtyard is designed as an urban oasis and designed in a Balinese tropical style. This replicates the feeling of dining experience in the original Bebek Bengil Restaurant in Ubud. The “orang tua” sculpture, located in the center of courtyard, will greets the guest, as soon as they enter the lobby, that act as a transition zone from the bustle atmosphere of the main road. The Ubud offers several dining areas with different ambiance. A private balcony on the second floor, traditional open pavilion with wooden roof, and a dining hall that overlooks the courtyard.