Stacking House

Stacking house is a residential project located in Jakarta. This house provides personal space for each member of the family. One master bedroom with a lounge and a walk-in closet, 3 kids bedrooms with a shared bathroom, guest bedroom, and parent’s bedroom with walk in closet. The family area is living and dining room that can gather up to 10 people, completed with grand piano. Other supporting areas such as garage, service area, both dry and wet kitchen are also provided to supply the needs of family members. As an addition, there are also private gym and spa area.

Located on a 600 sqm land area, the challenge was housing such a big program, and to realize the dream to have a garden house concept.

So the strategy is to stack the garden house one above another and positioning the yard on the front side.

Then we have the garden house which have the spacious view from inside.