Hotel & Leisure
Way Tangkit Resort

Prevously known as Alam Wawai, Way Tangkit Resort and Spa was built to be a designated spot in Lampung, that is expected to be a high-end luxury destination for local and international tourists. The resort is facilitated with hotels, villas, restaurants, and skyzip theme park. Seated on a 30 hectare land, Way Tangkit Resort & Spa currently takes a total of 152,800 sqm area. The project planning and design combines the advantage of natural resources, contoured site, bay view and its cultural heritage. “Way” means water, and “Tangkit” or Siger means traditional customary crown for Bride that resembles valleys or mountains in Lampung language. These two important elements have been translated into an architectural gesture that reflects the identity of Lampung.

When guests enter the resort, they can enjoy various existing objects from the site that have been conserved and incorporated into the design. At the lobby drop off area, visitors can see the use of a big stone from existing site that is incorporated as a structure to hold the roof of the main lobby. Deeper inside, the shape of public facilities such as main lobby, restaurant, gym and spa, are translated from the shape of siger/crown-shaped/triangle elements that is rotated 90 degrees facing towards the bay. These public facilities are set on a high terrain level, the widest field of vision is offered, presenting a panoramic view of the mountain, bay view, hotel & villas on the level below it.

On the level below, guests can experience the conserved old amphitheatre that is transformed into a new outdoor event space with a ballroom. Alongside the hotel suites, there is a chapel and villas. The extensive use of green roof at the suites and villas blends together with the nature of the site. TWS & Partners intends to amplify the sensation of natural wilderness by creating board walk connecting all various programs in Way Tangkit Resort and Spa. The next design phase will be the development of skyzip theme park, club houses, Way Tangkit Residences, Lamban Suluh (alfreso dining experience), and Way Tangkit the Villas which will also bring significant influences to the site and surrounding areas. This whole package grasps all the uniqueness and creates a fresh and exciting image of Lampung.