Depadi Residence

Depadi Residence is a design proposal for an apartment project in South Tangerang, Indonesia. TWS & Partners proposed a concept of urban terrace to create connection of the activity from street level to mountain level. This green terrace steps up and leads up to the mountain level where activities of the residents are happening. The mountain level consists of apartment facilities such as jogging track, pool, and leisure area. Ground level functions as a parking area in order to minimize construction cost. Both towers are designed to maximize light, views, and north-south orientation. The facade captures the sense of a tropical dwelling by creating several forms of sun shade such overhangs and greenery to provide comfortable spaces. It is also being formed into a rice paddy shape.

Through this project, TWS & Partners proposed a solution for a way of living in a high density tropical urban area which satisfies the demand of space while still provides a close-to-nature environment.