The Batik Residence

Located in South Jakarta, The Batik is an apartment that caters to middle-high class segment. The site is surrounded by 2-3-storey middle range housing, making The Batik the only high rise building at its region.

Being the only high rise building in the area, The Batik adapt the concept of a tree. A tree has a very special characteristic as a shade where it still allows sunlight and breeze to penetrate throughout its branches and leaves, therefore allowing the smaller vegetation surrounding it to get enough sunlight. Thus, the design of The Batik aims to make sure that sunlight and breeze can still reach through the building to a low rise neighborhood surrounding. Entering the building, guests are taken to the Ground Floor level. Here they are greeted by supporting facilities such as convenience store. Above Ground Level, there is Hillside Level, with two-story height to maximize the view to its surrounding. This level hosts apartment facilities such as swimming pool and club house, and two units of town house. Above Hillside, there is Lowzone, that consists of small apartment units like studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom with several pocket gardens and balcony for each unit. Going upwards is Midzone, consists of three-bedroom units that have service area and bigger pocket gardens that allow light and air to penetrate into the building. Highzone Level consists of four exclusive penthouse units that run along from the front to the back of the building, giving them maximum view to their surrounding as well as cross-ventilation. The top, Sky Level, is designed for a Multifunction Room with a unique form. The Multifunction Room is surrounded by an infinity pool that creates an optical illusion as if it was floating on the water.

The layout of The Batik is inspired by how tree allows light to penetrate through the ground by creating a porous solid mass. To allow a more flexible layout, the vertical circulation of the building is placed at each end of the building. This allows the center area to be subtracted creating a more porous and open mass that later filled with pocket garden and apartment unit. The area between the vertical circulation and main mass is also subtracted to create void that allows natural air and sufficient sunlight to penetrate through the lower level of the building. Moreover, just like the leaves of a tree that keep growing denser as it grows up, The Batik also create denser greeneries as it goes higher, making it literally the biggest tree around. The Batik use a lot of wooden material to enrich the textured looks of the building to mimic the texture of tree bark. Grill louver is used as the cover of the lifts and emergency stairs. The grill louver is made of steel hollow with Batik print on it to enrich the look of the building. The Batik is expected to become a big tree that shades the smaller surroundings without blocking all the sunlight and breeze.