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Hotel Pontianak

Located in the heart of Pontianak, Hotel Pontianak is a hotel that unites all the uniqueness of the city into one, as well as the magnificence of Kalimantan’s culture and nature. The city is very unique as it is located almost precisely under the equator line, it has a distinctive terrain and renowned for its hundreds of years of cultural heritage. Located on the less populous island of Indonesia, Pontianak is surrounded by dense tropical rain forest. It is also crossed by one of the world’s longest river, Kapuas River.

The hotel’s space planning is inspired by the concept of the equator as the middle axis of circular earth’s sphere. The hotel entrance, which is located straight across the intersection of the main road, is also designed in circular form. The placement of the hotel tower is inspired by the shape of Kapuas River course that split into two smaller rivers therefore the layout of the hotel tower is split just like the shape of the river.

The tower mass is vertically separated to impose a floating mass just like how the traditional West Kalimantan house is designed. The facade form is adopted and simplified from Talawang Shield, a traditional carved shield used by native Dayak tribe in the past. The Talawang Shield’s form is simplified into a 3D and 2D pattern. The 3D pattern is combined with Kalimantan Batik and applied to the front facade where people can see it straight from the main road. This is to become the center of attention for the visitors and passersby. The 2D pattern is applied to the rest of the tower facade as the secondary skin to create a uniform and repeated pattern throughout the tower.

Entering inside, the hotel interior brings client further into the cultural experience as they will be pampered by Kalmantan’s wild forest diorama at the center of the lobby. The diorama presents the range of vegetation and exotic animals which showcase the phenomenal magnificence of Kalimantan’s wilderness. The diorama is the focal point as visitors enter the lobby and journey inside the hotel. On top of it, guests will be pampered by the numbers of cultural touches throughout the hotel, such as batik pattern on the floor and columns.