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Akmani Hotel

The Akmani Hotel is located on Jalan Wahid Hasyim, a busy road in the heart of Jakarta. In an array of coffee shops, city hotels, restaurants and other public amenities, the hotel is situated in a relatively small parcel of land, sandwiched between Spain Embassy and an office building. Entering The Akmani from the busy street, guests are greeted by a pinstriped pattern on the tower facade, which uses three different-colored glass, assembled with curtain wall structural system. When entering the hotel, people are welcomed in the lobby and terrace cafe, which sits three meters above ground to provide unobstructed view to surrounding area.

Built in such commercial area, the client’s aim was to build a self-operated business hotel, with a vision to deliver a unique product to the market. TWS & Partners offered a pinstripe pattern that is used repetitively from the facade to the interior of the hotel, which is inspired by a business suit. The tower building reflects the dynamic yet formal look of business hotel architecture typology by presenting pointed yet slightly angled shapes on the skin. The mass of the building is divided into several floating boxes, which is a strategy to communicate and blend with the surrounding building heights and road with.