Shifted House

This project is located in Padang, Sumatera Island, the west part of Indonesian archipelago. Padang is prone to seismic upheaval due to its location on the Pacific ring of fire. The site has an irregular, trapezoid shape, with low-rise neighbourhood surrounding. The space is arranged parallel into one side of land and the main pitch roof parallel into another side. The result is an unpredictable, rich in details and playful space throughout the house. Thus the name Shifted House.

The pitch roof is made out of corrugated aluminium metal roof, which is light weight, to accommodate the anti-earthquake structure, ensuring safety for the occupants. The aluminium louver attached to the upper and vertical part of the building is to give rhythm and, in some parts, acts as a mild space separation. This architectural language is a sympathetic respond to the surrounding neighbourhood.

Guests are greeted by the in-outdoor space, as if floating in the middle of reflecting pond. The roof and outer part of the welcoming foyer is constructed out of wooden-textured aluminium, arranged so that they create a play of shadow on the concrete-finished wall. From there guests are led by the pathway, parallel to the pond, to the “separate” living pavilion. The rooms are arranged on another side, facing the perimeter garden, creating a private zone area to the residents.